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Swing chair, swing chair, swing chair Swing chairs are in! Hammocks are out!

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Quotes from the general public;

Dan “Did you see this? I want one.”

Linda “ Great idea- would love to have one, this is a successful product...”

Ashley “My family and I are very interested in the Multi- Swing Chair Set.  Is there any possible way we can order one?”

Otis “Everybody should own one”

Roger “ My wife and I camp allot and absolutely love this swing chair canopy set.... where can I get one”

Justin “So where can I buy one”

Phillip “Just stumbled upon this dandy idea”

Karen “This would be perfect for my daughter, she is special needs and can not swing or do much of anything, but this would be perfect for her because the seat has a bar and allot of room. She loves the outside but she cannot swing on a swing set.”

Isabelle “How much is it” “How can I purchase one”

Trish “From what people are saying, you'll have plenty of buyers”

Perry “ I'd like to make a purchase and I'd be happy if you would email me prices and types”

Kathy “Love it !!!!!!!!”

Lucy “ I think this is a great idea”

Dana “ Can you tell me what the weight limit is on this?”

Bonnie “ Please email me prices and info on these”

"Is your product for sale? How much is it? Love the concept!" Florence