Multi-SwingChairSet FAQ's


So, where can I buy a Multi-SwingChairSet?

  When you contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  you can just about consider your order placed, we will forward  your interest to our perspective manufacturers. So, by all means contact  us.

How can I get one of these with 6 swing chairs?

  Our residential swingchair stand plans to hang 6 swingchairs on our circular swingchair hanger.

  And of course options- 4 & 8 swingchair versions are planned for manufacture.

Can you tell me what the weight limit is on this?

  •  Well, as you can see in our videos, 8 people can relax comfortably from our swingchair hanger.

     They're plopping down with little concern, and let me tell you, we've had some BIG guys plopping down in our swing chairs.

Is Multi-SwingChairSet difficult to assemble and disassemble?

  •  We thought about you here folks. Our swing chair frame uses no tools for assembly, with all parts simply inter-locking.  So, when you're breaking down and re-assembling at the campground, beach, park, backyard or tailgate party, it's a  breeze.

And of course, How much?

 Well, that will be subjective to how many swingchairs for one and a residential or commercial version.

  •  We would not project a cost to the consumer as of yet but, I can assure you we our fully aware of the economic situation  today and want our product to be affordable to all who desire a Multi-SwingChairSet.


Stay Tuned